LCS-H Accumulation Scale

Application range: powder and granular materials into the warehouse, out of the warehouse and intermediate measurement Applicable materials: wheat, flour, bran and other food and other raw materials Weighing range: 60-300kg Weighing capacity: 15-50 tons/hour Allowable error: ± 5 ‰ Performance characteristics: Double valve feed control to improve weighing accuracy Unattended, unmanned operation, fully automatic operation Bending level control, discharge on demand to ensure production Each report is sent and digitally networked with the central control room. One-click processing of remaining materials, included in cumulative total

LCS-FB packing scale

Application: granular, flake, small block of loose material packaging Applicable materials: bran and so on Weighing range: 25-50kg Packing speed: 180-240 packs/hour Allowable error: ± 2 ‰ Performance characteristics: Net weight weighing, vertical spiral direct filling bag Horizontal double twisted dragon feed, vertical single spiral discharge
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