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Automatic packaging engineering  | Intelligent stowage project | Mix powder engineering | Pneumatic conveying engineering | Automation control engineering | Food engineering
Automatic packaging engineering
company automatic packaging engineering according to different materials and different requirements of customers independently design, to provide customers with suitable for packing scale, the characteristi More>>
Intelligent stowage project
Intelligent stowage project design, process development, to provide you with from drawings, plan layout, installation commissioning and technical training and after-sales service package turn-key project More>>
Mix powder engineering
Wuxi cable company ingredients to provide clients with engineering application in the flour, feed, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries of different kinds of material of ingredients systemMore>>
Pneumatic conveying engineering
Pneumatic conveying engineering to provide project total package, process design, piping layout, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging and other complete sets of engineering and More>>
Automation control engineering
company by MCGS PC control system, automatic control engineering, real-time understand the operation of the whole production line, a comprehensive grasp and analysis of production dynamic data More>>
Food engineering design
company food engineering to provide project prophase engineering consultation, engineering project, including engineering design, preliminary design and construction drawing design, mechanical More>>
  Leading level of production base
Wuxi cable machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was founded in 1994, is located in the taihu lake - wuxi, jiangsu province, is a professional research and development, production and manufacturing fully automatic packaging transportation system and robot......
  The consummate craft process
Wuxi cable of the high technology and new technology into their product line, make full use of today's world of advanced electronic automation technology changes with each passing day, rely on our talent advantage, has developed a leading domestic......
  Professional team of perfect service system
"For the customer to design a set of suitable packaging production line", is our company goal, and we provide services to our customers. Meet customers' diversity requirements and suitable for their own solution for the customer creation, accurate grasp......

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