Grain engineering

Dadong Company's grain engineering provides customers with pre-project engineering consultation and project approval, including engineering scheme design, preliminary design and construction drawing design, engineering mechanical and electrical equipment, automatic control section contracting and engineering general contracting, manufacturing, sales, installation and commissioning of pneumatic conveying equipment, powder mixing equipment and materials out of warehouse, conveying equipment, etc, wheat, rice and other grains and corn, buckwheat and other grains of deep processing, mixed transportation and warehousing logistics and other fields.

Batching system

1. Structural characteristics Batching scales are widely used in flour, feed, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, chemical and other industries of different kinds of materials ingredients and mixing operations. The batching scale has a reasonable structure and consists of a feeding auger, a feeding port, a scale body, etc. The feeding port is combined into a whole by soft connection and feeding equipment to form a closed combination. The device has a standard communication interface and a variety of recording functions, print real-time reports and a variety of records. Data information reports such as shift production, daily production and monthly production can be output. The operation interface of the batching scale has; It can cooperate with the upper computer to operate, and all the operation steps are prompted by the Chinese function menu during the operation of the upper computer. The operation interface can display process flow chart, formula number, formula weight, actual ingredient weight, ingredient error, mixing time, trace addition prompt and reply, equipment operation status, fault information, etc.

Automation control engineering

The automation control project of Dadong Company uses the MCGS upper computer control system to immediately understand the operation of the entire production line, fully grasp and analyze the production dynamic data, store information, and adopt an integrated man-machine interface of on-site operation, monitoring, alarm and data networking to realize remote control execution of the central control room, on-site unmanned operation, remote fault diagnosis and information summary management.

LCS-Q spiral ton packing scale

Application: Large weight packaging of powdery and micro-powdery materials Applicable materials: starch, protein and other powder materials Weighing range: 500-1000kg Packing speed: 10-15 packs/hour Allowable error: ± 2 ‰

BFCP BFCZ type positive pressure off fan

BFCP/BFEZ type wind shutter is the feeding equipment of pneumatic conveying system. It has the characteristics of continuous or intermittent forced feeding of materials into the conveying pipe under positive pressure by air flow: it can be used as a feeder for positive pressure conveying system of flour, bran, starch, grain, feed, sugar, chemical products and plastic powder materials. Materials with high adhesion are not suitable for use. BFCP is side-to-side communication: channels are provided at the lower part of the bearing seats on the left and right sides to connect with the conveying pipes, U-shaped axial discharge grooves are provided at the lower part of the casing, materials can only go from the side, BFCZ is vertical communication: there are no channels at the bearing seats on the left and right sides, and the discharge ports at the lower part of the casing and

THFX stopcock reversing valve

THFX cock reversing valve (two-way valve) is a device for switching materials in pneumatic conveying system. It enables the material in the pipeline to change the conveying direction in the flow state without interrupting the supply and stopping the gas supply, and sends the material to two selected locations. If the combination of several valves can be sent to many selected locations, so the operation is very convenient. It is widely used in flour, bran, starch, feed, sugar, chemical products and other powder materials positive and negative pressure conveying and low speed conveying pipe road to change the conveying direction, so that the material is sent to the selected location.

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