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Tray Transmitter

The pallet library is a device for storing and distributing empty pallets in a fully automatic packaging and palletizing production line. It generally consists of the following equipment: 1. Empty Pallet Library Store empty pallets and automatically allocate individual empty pallets out of the pallet library for up to 10 empty pallets. 2. Jacking cylinder: supporting empty tray, controlled by PLC, automatically lifting and sending empty tray. 3. Empty pallet chain conveyor Empty pallets dispensed from the pallet library are transported by this conveyor to the palletizing conveyor. 4. Control cabinet Including pneumatic control system, electrical control system and actuator to ensure the automatic work of the pallet library

Key words:

Semi-automatic packaging scale, automatic packaging system, intelligent conveying and palletizing system


Intelligent conveying and palletizing system

Tray Transmitter

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