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RCYA tube type permanent magnet iron remover

RCA series powerful permanent magnet cylinder is mainly used to separate ferromagnetic metal impurities in raw materials, and is widely used in iron removal from raw materials in various food, feed, starch, brewing, fermentation and other industries. The equipment has strong induction intensity, high iron removal efficiency, does not consume power, does not occupy space, and is easy to install. It is an ideal permanent magnet iron removal equipment. Main Specifications: RCYA-15,RCYA-30,RCYA-50,RCYA-80,RCYA-150,RCYA-200RCYA-300 Output: 15-300 tons/hour

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Semi-automatic packaging scale, automatic packaging system, intelligent conveying and palletizing system


Intelligent conveying and palletizing system

RCYA tube type permanent magnet iron remover

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