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Flattening and shaper

The press is composed of front and rear pressure roller, upper and lower frame, press spring group, chain rack, reduction motor, adjusting handwheel, belt conveyor and other components. It is driven by the reduction motor and sends the packaging bag into the front pressure roller through the movement of the belt conveyor, and then enters the rear pressure roller for two flattening. The transmission part adopts rolling bearing, sprocket, chain and reduction box. Hard chrome plating of front and rear finning shafts. The flattening roller consists of 21 chrome-plated rollers. The flattening machine is suitable for flattening product packaging bags of different thicknesses such as flour bags and starch bags. Generally, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation is adopted, with stable performance, sensitive transmission, low noise, high production efficiency and low labor intensity.

Key words:

Semi-automatic packaging scale, automatic packaging system, intelligent conveying and palletizing system


Intelligent palletizing engineering

Flattening and shaper

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